We are an independent family business since 1842. Through five generation the business passed successfully from one Niepoort to the next Niepoort and in most cases older and younger generation worked side by side for a long period.

The fifth generation: Eduard Dirk Niepoort

Eduard Dirk Niepoort is ahead of the business, since the formal retirement of Eduard Rudolph Niepoort in 2005. Dirk, born in 1964, discovered the world of wine during the studies in Switzerland. In 1987 Dirk joined his father Rolf Niepoort in the family business and was challenged to innovate maintaining the good traditions. The first important step was the acquisition of the first own vineyards: Quinta de Nápoles and Quinta do Carril in Cima Corgo, a region that traditionally produces the best Port Wines;15 hectares of vineyards were newly planted, and 10 hectares 60-year old vines were carefully maintained. Owning Quintas and vineyards in the Douro was an important step in the port wine and the first step for the creation of Niepoort wines. Dirk's passion for wines and the humble respect and curiosity for the DOURO terroir defined the team spirit over the last two decades and is a constant inspiration and challenge to the team. Dirk's sister, Verena Niepoort, joined Niepoort team as executive director in 2005.

Fourth generation: Rolf van der Niepoort. Rolf was born in March 1927. He is a fan of mechanics since a kid, but he also has a good sense for business. In 1950 he joined with his father Eduard Niepoort in the family business. His experience was a valuable complement and he was able to overcome a financial difficult period. Rolf focused on the commercial and human relations inside and outside the company and was conservative related to the wine making. Rolf remembers with nostalgia the making one Vintage port: 1970. As all Niepoorts also Rolf is a fan of collections: old cars, antiques and especially Portuguese weapons.

Third generation: Eduard Marius. Eduard Marius Niepoort, born 14-09-1890 in Porto, was very skilful and a natural scientist . In 1912 due to the death of his father Eduard Marius Niepoort was forced to enter the family business. Rolf Niepoort remembers his father as "Interested in different subjects like chemistry, physics or mechanics and a man of fine humour". As grandchildren we remember his severity concerning our studies and we keep the memory of a grandfather with never-ending collections of books, stamps, coins and tram tickets!

Second generation: Eduard Marius left as an active partner in 1980 and dedicated his time to his many hobbies and collections. Eduard Marius Niepoort died at the age of 91 3-6-1982.

First generation: Franciscus Marius van der Niepoort born in 1813 in Hilversum in Holland. Married with Francisca Louisa Elisabeth Ehlers. Died in Porto on 7 March 1887.

The Nogueira family has been working as masterblenders also for 5 generations. Our senior-masterblender Mr José Nogueira is the 4th generation of the Nogueira family working at Niepoort and he started with his father in 1960 at the age of 14 years. In September 2006 José Rodrigo Nogueira joined the Niepoort team.