The NIEPOORT ALMANAC is a presentation catalogue. It highlights the brand's contemporary nature by using the wine labels to focus on a powerful visual identity that is an indicator of quality and a creative, innovative approach. It is also a homage to the Douro, to the rugged nature of the steep slopes, the river and its tributaries, its narrow valleys and the extreme climate, as well as the difficult conditions for producing wine when using the artisanal processes that make this region so special.

This is an object to be consumed visually; an aesthetic dialogue between the label and the context in which the eye continually flits to and from in a varying dynamic between information and expression.

Presented in the form of a collector's album, the ALMANAC is subdivided into three categories according to the characteristics of each group of wines:

  • The first group, the “Niepoort's Soul”, reflects the magic of the Douro region through images of the estates and the winery. The graphic interrelationship of this group of wines evokes the “origin” , the ancient vineyards, the land, the grape harvest, the wine production and the cellars, emphasising “intimacy” and “intensity”.

  • The second group, the “Projects”, is more “experimentalist” in nature, more open to trial. In these pages we find “playfulness” , “hidden things”, interplays of light, chromatic effects and expressive diversions intended to highlight the underlying enthusiasm.

  • The third and final group, the “Fabulous”, displays the artistic excellence of the labels, designed by the brand's Portuguese and foreign guest artists. This group is so expressive that the various planes grapple with one another, like an art gallery, sometimes using features designed by the artists themselves to emphasise a certain scenic effect with a meaning for the “story”.

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payment to bank: BPI

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Address: Centro Empresas Vila Nova de Gaia Praceta 25 Abril nº 11

4430-257 Vila Nova de Gaia — Portugal

Iban: PT5000 10 0000 1241 3910 001 23


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